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Find your next mobile phone with ‘WOWCOMPARE’, compare the best mobile phone deals from the UK’s leading mobile networks including: 3 Three, EE, Vodafone, BT, O2 Virgin, SKY Mobile, and others. Get the best offers on the latest mobile phones released in 2022 – Apple iPhone 13 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Z, OnePlus 10 Pro, Pixel 6 Pro, Oppo Reno 7 Pro.

Whether you need unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, a basic low cost plan, or you want to upgrade your data limit, compare the latest mobile phone deals and the best offers available on your favourite phones.

WOWCOMPARE® The best mobile phone deals on the UKs’ leading mobile networks


How to use our mobile phone comparison

Finding the best new mobile phone is easy, just follow these 3 simple steps:
① Use the filters to refine your search by brand, handset, release year; or by data requirements, text or calls (you can choose ‘unlimited’ data, texts or minutes if you need to).
② Click on ‘buy now’ to head over to the deal providers website where you can view all the offer details, service terms and conditions.
③ Fill in the required details and agree to the contract/offer if you want to proceed. Your new phone should arrive within a few days or next day if stated.



Mobile phone comparison FAQs

WOWCOMPARE provides FREE impartial comparison of many of the UKs' leading mobile phone networks including: 3, O2, BT Mobile, EE, TalkMobile, Vodafone, VOXI and others. Find offers by handset, monthly cost, or use filters to narrow your search based on data, call minutes or texts.

Our comparison services are independently provided using the latest market prices and offers from UK mobile phone contract resellers. Our comparison services are funded by commission payments based on sales of products and services featured on WOWCOMPARE.

Our UK mobile phone comparison independently scans the market for the latest mobile phone offers from the UKs' leading mobile networks and resellers, our intuitive search allows you to compare offers based on your requirements including:

• Contract type: monthly (new mobile handset) or SIM only
• Mobile phone make, model & features like handset colour
• Price
• Data, number of minutes, number of txt messages
• Network provider
• 4G/5G network connectivity
• Contract length

Using smartphone 'filters' helps you find the best new phones and contracts that suit your needs and budget.

It's usually down to your geographic location - Finding the best mobile network is all about where you live in the UK, all the main UK networks have good provision in most major towns and cities. However when you get to more rural and coastal locations network coverage gets more patchy.

Ofcoms mobile network coverage checker provides the latest data on what networks are best in your area... checkout mobile coverage using your postcode >>

There is a lot of competition in the mobile phone marketplace with many great offers, it often pays to switch mobile contracts every year or two years (at the end of your contract to avoid paying any cancellation fees.).

Some of the key ways to keep your monthly mobile phone costs low are:

  • Switch contracts or even switch networks - you can make great savings by being savvy, you can switch contract or network and even keep your same mobile phone number by porting it across.
  • Work out your monthly usage - how much data, how many minutes and texts you use on average then find a contract that works for you. If you are a low user there is no point paying for what you don't use. 
  • Big users - if you use loads of minutes send loads of texts and need masses of mobile data always consider unlimited call, text and data plans. 
  • Check network coverage - use an online mobile network checker to make sure there’s good reception in your area for the network you want to be on.
  • Cash in your old mobile phone handset - some deals will offer money off or cashback for sending in your old mobile phone in part exchange providing it works and is in good condition.
  • Sell your old mobile phone handset privately - if your old mobile phone is undamaged and in good working order you can sell it to a reseller:
    Or consider listing it yourself on eBay  

It all depends on the offer you go for, many mobile phone contracts price in the phone with the monthly cost. However some contracts allow you to pay some money upfront for the phone handset in order to lower the monthly fee. It depends on which phone you pick and what you a looking to pay each month, or whether you want to or can afford to pay something up front.

Often you will find that the newest premium phones will have more availability and offers with some sort of upfront payment.

YES - a contract should include paying off the cost of your mobile phone. Once your contract ends you should be free to switch or sign up for a new contract. You can find a new contract with a new mobile handset, or you can use your existing phone and go for a cheaper SIM-only deal.

Mobile phone switching guide

Know which phone you want? Compare the latest offers on all the networks

If you already know which phone you want, you can compare the latest offers from all major UK mobile networks with our free mobile phone comparison service.

Phone and contract filters allow you to quickly find offers based on your needs, or monthly budget. If you see a deal you like, click on ‘buy now’ to head over to the providers website for all the essential info, t&c’s etc. If you are happy… lock in the deal and sign up, it’s as simple as that. If the deal is not for you, carry on searching for a better offer with WOWCOMPARE®.

Take your existing mobile number to a new network

If you have found a great deal but it’s on a new mobile network, you can sign up for the offer and keep your existing number by porting over to the new network. Moving a mobile number between networks is fairly straight forward, all you need is a PAC code. A PAC code allows your new network to request for your existing mobile number to be released so it can be moved to your new contract/phone on your new network.

Get a PAC code

Request a PAC code via your app – Many mobile networks provide an option to request a PAC code by logging into your account via the app, simply

Request a PAC code by text – The new text service makes getting a PAC code simple. All you need to do is txt ‘PAC’ to 65075. Your provider should then reply with a PAC code, this will last for up to 30 days. Simply provide this code to your new provider and they will move the number across. Numbers usually move across fairly quickly however number porting can occasionally take up to a week.

Request a PAC code by calling your current network/provider – If the app and text route fail you will need to call your existing provider and request a PAC code over the phone.

Don’t need a new phone, find a cheaper plan or to switch to PAYG

No worries use the search filters to see offers on sim only deals or PAYG. As long as your phone is ‘network unlocked’ you can replace your sim with a SIM only or PAYG sim on the network of your choice.

If you want to keep your existing number you will need to port your number over, just follow the methods above to request a PAC code.