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Sales of caravans and caravan holidays are booming, the 2021 Coronavirus pandemic has meant more people than ever are choosing to buy caravans for safe family holidays. Whether you buy a touring caravan or static caravan, taking out caravan insurance cover is essential for most caravan owners. Caravans are a big investment, so annual caravan insurance cover is a must. Our caravan insurance comparison allows you to quickly compare caravan insurance quotes from many of the UKs’ leading caravan insurance providers including:

If you want to proceed with a quote click over to the caravan insurance providers website, check the terms and summary of cover and if you are happy, make your payment. You will be able to print off your caravan insurance documents and you’re ready to go.

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What should caravan insurance cover include?

Standard caravan insurance policies should provide cover for fire, theft, accidental damage and weather/storm damage. Most caravan insurance policies allow you to add enhanced cover for things like personal possessions and valuables, plus cover for equipment like awnings, decking and outdoor furniture.

The standard caravan insurance policy should provide the following:

  • Theft of your caravan: If your caravan is stolen whilst parked outside your home, at a caravan storage facility, on a campsite or caravan park in the UK you will be covered.
  • Internal damage to your caravan: Cover for any internal damage due to an accident or incident e.g. burst pipes, water leaks, fire & smoke damage.
  • External damage to your caravan: Cover for damage to the external body/frame, windows, while your caravan is towed or sited.
  • Third party liability: Cover if a third party gets injured by your caravan, or for damage caused by your caravan to nearby property. 3rd party liability cover insures you against claims made by others.

How do touring and static caravan insurance policies differ?

Touring caravans are towed by a vehicle so there are subject to additional risks of road traffic accidents. Static caravans are generally semi-permanently sited on a holiday park or caravan park so they are unlikely to be moved. When searching for caravan insurance cover it is important that you take out the right caravan insurance cover for your caravan, a touring caravan insurance policy is not suitable for a static caravan and a static caravan insurance policy is not suitable for a touring caravan.

Caravan Insurance FAQs

Most policies will allow you to choose either new for old cover or market value cover. New for old cover is often only available when insuring newer caravans, many caravan insurance providers will not offer new for old on caravans once they are over 10-15 years old.

Market Value - Only covers up to the current market value of your caravan. If your caravan  needs replacing, the policy will only pay out an amount equal to cost of replacing your caravan with a caravan of similar age and condition. Market value could be less than what you consider  your caravan is worth as it generally takes the lowest average market value.

New for Old - If your caravan is stolen or damaged beyond repair, new for old cover will replace your caravan 'like for like' with a new caravan (the same make and model, or another caravan model with similar specification) e.g. if your caravan is 5 years old and it is written off your insurer will cover the cost of replacing it with a new caravan.

Various factors influence the cost of caravan insurance.

Size, make, model, value of caravan will impact on the cost of insurance. Larger, higher value caravans will generally have more costly caravan insurance premiums, similarly some caravan makes and models are more saleable and therefore more of a target for thieves, it's worth researching insurance costs before committing to buy a specific caravan.

No claims bonus just like other insurance cover, you can build up a no claims discount. When renewing caravan insurance, providers will consider your claims history. If you have a good no claims record this will usually be reflected in lower insurance renewal offers.

Added security measures many caravan insurance providers offer discounts if owners agree to instal added security features, you can improve the security of your caravan in a number of ways including:

  • Fitting an alarm to your static caravan, or an alarm & tracker to your touring caravan.
  • Fitting security devices to your touring caravan e.g. wheel clamps, hitch locks.
  • Storing your touring caravan at a secure storage facility e.g. Caravan Club Storage or on a CaSSOA registered secure storage site.
  • Ensuring your caravan water system has been drained down and winterised over the cold winter months.

Join a caravan club many caravan insurance providers offer discounts to members of UK caravan owner clubs; NACCO, The Caravan Club, Camping & Caravanning Club members can benefit from caravan insurance discounts and lower premiums. If you are a caravan owner club member inform your insurance provider when you search for online quotes or quotes over the phone.

Many caravan insurance policies include 3rd party liability cover, so theoretically this provides cover for use by family and friends. However we would always recommend you check with your insurance provider before lending your caravan just to make sure.

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