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WOWCOMPARE.CO is a UK price comparison site, providing offers & price comparison for essential home services including: home broadband, fibre broadband, business broadband, mobile phones & phone tariffs, home energy & business energy (electricity & gas).

We work with a range of expert partners ensuring prices and offers are constantly updated. At WOW COMPARE you are able to find great deals and offers every single day.


Advertiser disclosure - How we are funded

There is no charge for using to compare prices and offers. However, if you find a great deal and decide to switch we may receive an introducer or referral commission.

Any commissions paid to us will not affect your quote, you won’t pay a premium and in many cases you are able to take advantage of exclusive discounts or offers provided to users of our site. 



More and more people are using to compare prices and reduce bills. Here are a few reasons why you should consider wowcompare when you are looking for a better deal.

1. WOW COMPARE is impartial

All brands feature on our website for free. We are only paid commission if you find a great offer and choose to sign up to buy a product or service. As an impartial intermediary we never push or endorse one product, or one provider over another.

2. WOW COMPARE partners with industry experts

We select and partner with leading experts for each industry. At the focus is not just on price, but on key product details which can help our website users find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

3. We operate as an independent intermediary

WOW COMPARE is an independent intermediary, so your contract is always directly made between you (the “consumer”/”buyer”) and your chosen product or service provider (the “supplier”). Always make sure you are happy with individual supplier terms and conditions prior to signing up for a product or service. 

4. Regulated and authorised

We do our utmost to ensure, to the best of our knowledge, that all financial and insurance providers and the products and services featured on this website are provided by companies that are FCA authorised and compliant in the UK.

5. Cashback deals

Many of broadband and mobile phone deals also offer cashback incentives. If cashback is available this is paid to you directly by the product or service provider and subject to individual supplier terms. Cashback could be via a prepaid money card, a monthly or annual rebate/discount or other means.

WOW COMPARE is as an independent intermediary – WOW COMPARE and staff will never ask you for payment details or to provide any personal financial details.

You can check our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions for full details about our service and commitments.

Utilities – WOW COMPARE is listed on Business Directory UK Utilities Companies.

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