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Compare mobile phone deals, new phones and contracts.

Best mobile phone deals 2023

WOW Compare mobile phone deals on UK phone networks

Compare the best phones from Apple, Samsung, Google Pixel and other manufacturers. All the latest 2024 handsets and cheaper mobile phone contracts with 3, BT, EE, O2, Virgin, SKY Mobile, Vodafone and other networks. Compare prices for iPhone 15, Samsung Galaxy S24, Samsung Galaxy Z, OnePlus 12, Pixel 8 and other mobile phones.

Whether you need unlimited data, minutes & texts, or want to get a cheaper sim only deal, we can help you get a great phone deal.

Mobile phone switching made simple

Already know which phone you want – Compare loads of offers for your favourite mobile handset, it’s free so what are you waiting for!

Compare mobile phone deals in 3 steps

① Use the filters to choose phone brand, model, data and calls requirements.

② Refine phone plans by contract length, monthly cost, upfront cost, phone network, add refurbished phone offers, you can even filter phones by colour and internal memory capacity.

③ Click ‘view deal’ to visit the provider for full details and t&c’s.

If you are happy with everything lock in a deal and sign up, it’s as simple as that.

Take your existing mobile number to a new network

If you’ve found a great deal but it’s on a new mobile network, you can sign up for the offer and keep your existing number by porting it over to the new network. Moving a mobile number between networks is fairly straight forward, all you need is a PAC code. A PAC code allows your new network to request your existing mobile number to be released, so it can be moved across to your new phone contract and sim card.

How to get a PAC code

Request a PAC code via your app – Most mobile networks provide an option to request a PAC code by logging into your account via the app.

Request a PAC code by text – The new text service makes getting a PAC code simple. All you need to do is text ‘PAC’ to 65075. Your provider should then reply with a PAC code, this will last for up to 30 days. Provide your provide your PAC code to your new provider and they will move the number across. Mobile numbers usually move across fairly quickly however number porting can occasionally take up to a week.

Request a PAC code by calling your current network/provider – If the app and text route fail you will need to call your existing provider and request a PAC code over the phone.

Happy with your existing phone, search for a cheaper monthly plan, or switch to PAYG

You can use the search filters to see offers on sim only deals, or PAYG. As long as your phone is ‘network unlocked’ you can replace your sim with a SIM only or PAYG sim on the network of your choice. If you want to keep your existing number you will need to port your number over, just follow the methods above to request a PAC code.

FAQs - How to get the best mobile phone deal

Comparison sites can help you save time and money when you are looking for a new mobile or phone upgrade. WOW Compare is regularly updated with the latest mobile handsets, tariffs and phone deals from AO Mobiles, Carphone Warehouse, Fone House, E2Save, on major UK phone networks 3, O2, iD Mobile, SKY Mobile, Vodafone & VOXI.

Use filters to specify phone and phone contract requirements including: 

• Contract type: monthly (new mobile handset) or SIM only.
• Mobile phone make, model & features like handset colour.
• Price.
• Data, call minutes, number of text messages.
• Network provider.
• 4G/5G network connectivity.
• Contract length.

The ‘filters’ enable you to find the latest mobile phone releases and offers from Apple, Samsung, Google, OPPO, OnePlus and many other phone models. Find the best mobile phone deal that suits your needs and budget.

Choosing a mobile phone network is often down to personal choice, mobile phone users are often network loyal, especially if they are happy with network coverage, service and price.

Finding the best network in terms of reliability is usually down to your geographic location & the network coverage there – The main UK networks usually have good coverage in most towns and cities. However if you live in a rural or coastal location network coverage can be patchy, it’s worth checking if any of the networks are better than others in your geographic location.

You can use Ofcom’s mobile network coverage checker, see which networks are best where you live – check mobile coverage where you live > 

The UK mobile phone market is competitive so it pays to look for new offers every few years, especially when an existing mobile phone contract is coming to an end.

Remember you don’t always have to switch your mobile network to get a better deal. Some of the main ways to keep your monthly mobile phone costs low include:

  • Switch to a cheaper contract, or switch to a cheaper phone network – you can make great savings by switching contract or network, plus you can even keep the same mobile phone number by porting it across.
  • Work out your usage, select a mobile phone plan that works best for you – Do you know how much data, how many voice minutes and texts you use each month? If you are a low user there is no point paying for what you don’t use, if you are happy with your existing phone a cheap payg or pay monthly deal could save you £’s.  
  • Big user, go unlimited – if you use loads of minutes, send loads of texts and need masses of mobile data always, always go for unlimited calls, texts and data plans. 
  • Check network coverage – use an online mobile network checker to make sure there’s good reception in your area for your network. Or to research network coverage if you are thinking of switching to a new mobile network. 
  • Cash in your old mobile phone handset – many deals offer money off or cashback if you send back your old mobile phone (providing it works and is in good condition). Don’t lock up this value, don’t leave old working phones in a drawer. 
  • Sell your old mobile phone handset privately – if your old mobile phone is undamaged and in good working order you could also consider selling it to a reseller or privately – see our ‘guide to selling your old mobile phones’ unlocking value from old phones is key to being phone savvy.


Top tip – Look at the total cost, this summarises the total amount you will pay over the contract term (not including any extra charges e.g. premium rate calls, extra minutes, texts or data over and above your monthly limits).

It’s personal choice, most mobile phone contracts price in the cost of paying off a new phone within the monthly charges, so for many deals there will be nothing to pay upfront.

However if you want a more expensive phone, deals may have an upfront handset charge, where you pay some money upfront for the phone handset. This helps lower the monthly charge/rental. Paying some money upfront for the handset will usually  make a contract cheaper in the long run.

YES – Mobile phone contracts include paying off the cost of the mobile phone.

Once your contract ends you are able  to switch networks, or sign up for a new contract with your existing network. If you want to upgrade your phone you can get a quote for a new handset or you can choose to keep your existing phone and go for a cheaper SIM only, payg or pay monthly deal.

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Get your new mobile phone and other devices covered with mobile phone insurance and gadget insurance cover. 

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