5G Home broadband

4G & 5G on a mobile network = super fast broadband.

5G broadband on mobile networks can provide super-fast internet at home as well as on your mobile phone.

Superfast internet via the UK’s mobile networks is now available in your home. All major mobile networks are rolling out 5G services across the UK. 5G broadband solutions can provide downloads & streaming speeds in excess of 100Mbps, that’s easily as fast as fixed line broadband currently available to most UK homes, plus there are some great pay monthly offers bringing the cost of mobile home broadband in line with fixed line and fibre home broadband.

Who can get 4G or 5G home broadband in the UK?

“Good network coverage is essential for super-fast internet via a mobile network.”

If you live in a town or city it is pretty likely you will have good 4G network coverage, or even better, a 5G signal. If you live in the middle of the countryside or on the coast coverage might be an issue until more of the network is upgraded.

5G broadband with unlimited data is available on EE, O2, Vodafone & THREE. You can check mobile network coverage for the major mobile operators using Ofcoms UK mobile network coverage checker

Isn’t broadband on mobile networks expensive?

Not anymore! 3 network has recently launched 5G home broadband with unlimited data from just £21 per month. For many households in the UK it makes sense to see whether the mobile network can provide a fast and viable internet connection for your home.

Do I need to use my mobile phone to get 4G or 5G internet access at home?

You could choose to use your mobile phone a ‘hotspot’ in order to connect other devices at home, however problems arise when you go out with your phone and other family members still need to connect to the internet. For an always on internet connection via the mobile network a MiFi router or 4G / 5G ‘Home Hub’ is the perfect solution.

What is a Mifi router?

Mifi routers basically work the same as a fixed line or fibre router, however they connect you to the internet via a mobile network instead of the traditional wired telephone/fibre network. Mifi routers have their own sim card and remain connected to the mobile network to provide an always on internet connection for your home or office.

5G Home broadband offers on THREE network

5G Mobile Home Broadband


Unlimited Data

Download speed in excess of 100mbs


£10 per month*

24 month contract *£10 /month first 6 months, then £20 /month for remainder


Unlimited Data

Download speed in excess of 100mbs


£24 per month

Rolling monthly contract 

Can't get 5G? ...Check 4G Home Broadband


Unlimited Data

Download speeds 50mbs+


£10 per month*

24 month contract
*£10 /month first 6 months, then £20 /month for remainder

THREE network announced in May 2022 that its 5G service had reached 54% UK coverage, making it the current leader in network coverage for 5G broadband. Three have some of the best offers available for unlimited 4G mobile home broadband starting at £14 per month and unlimited 5G mobile home broadband from *£22 per month on a 24 month contract. Three offers also include a FREE MiFi router or home hub. Just sign up, receive your home hub, plug it in and you are all good to go. (*PLUS – Three’s Spring offer just £11 per month for the first six months then £22 per month for the remaining term)

Deals with a FREE Mifi router or home hub included are usually the easiest way to get up and running with mobile network home broadband. However you are also able to buy your own network unlocked Mifi router if you want ultimate flexibility on which network you choose to use.

Where can I buy a MiFi router?

MiFi routers are available from a number of electrical and computer retailers and a growing number of online stores. If you buy your own MiFi unlocked router you can choose to use any network offering 4G & 5G data only sim plans. You could even use one of the smaller operators like: iD Mobile, Smartie or Giffgaff.

4G MiFi routers are widely available and start less than £50, a 4G MiFi router with good mobile reception can provide fast download speeds of between 50Mbps to 100Mbps. Here are some of the best buys we’ve found on Amazon:


5G MiFi routers are only just being launched and the 5G networks are still only really reliable in cities and larger towns. 5G routers can provide superfast speeds in excess of 150Mbps. Amazon currently has a small number of 5G MiFi routers to choose from, the lowest prices starting around £315 (we expect the 5G router costs to fall in the next few months as more new 5G routers are launched).
Check out some of the best priced 5G portable MiFi routers we have found below:

What is BT Halo 3+ hybrid home broadband?

BT recently launched Halo 3+ with fibre home broadband paired with EE’s mobile broadband, the new BT Hybrid service provides fixed fibre broadband with mobile broadband as a backup. This all in one monthly solution helps to ensure you remain connected should your fixed line fail.

Halo 3+ is more expensive than other solutions starting at £79.99 per month, however if you are working from home, or running a business from home it might be a great solution to have this kind of hybrid internet connectivity.

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